People Love Context
Delivered in Grids

Because grids help quickly deliver what they love. We use grids everyday from our smartphones, to navigating calendars, to looking up information quickly, to navigating TV listings with a single thumb. What if there was a company that held essential patents on navigating video through contextual grids?
Yep, that's us. 

Partners, Investors, Media:

"The insight for Sensasion Inc.'s patented approach to video navigation came from working in a major film studio workflow in Hollywood. I saw 90% of video assets being left on the cutting room floor, not being experienced, not being monetized."  – Christopher Bailey, CEO, Sensasion, Inc.

Use Deeper Metadata, Drive Richer Experiences

Christopher Eich, Product Strategy, Disney ABC Television, on the new challenges and opportunities of interactive context:

"Now with these new interactive technologies…we just can't deliver content, we have to create new experiences around this content. It's interesting to think about how we're not just a content company now, but we're also a context company. Now we have to figure out ways to use deeper metadata and drive that context, and to drive a richer experience."

  • Here's What We're Talking About

    Video recordings or live streams are tagged in a company's production workflow, adding relevant, navigable, metadata context. Sensasion's thin-layer API then works with your video delivery channels, CDNs, and end players to provide a "Relevant, Interest-Heavy, Thumb-navigable, Can't stop watching, Ad-Targetable" video experience.

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"The most valuable real estate in the world is between two video clips." – Christopher Bailey, CEO

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  • Inspire Thumbs to Keep Eyeballs…

    …by providing the moments people are seeking, a touch away—and the moments related to those moments. 

    Add unique Brand/Editorial value in short, shareable video experiences, chained together by viewer interest.

"As video content continues to fragment into increasingly smaller elements, the question becomes, 'How do we arrange all the pieces together into a single experience?'"
– Christopher Bailey

"New video navigation technologies are essential to enable users to access content uniformly across all digital delivery networks and consumer electronics."
– Christopher Bailey

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  • How Sensasion Can Connect

    One example system setup for Sensasion in a Live Event Streaming scenario.

"Sensasion's platform and toolsets integrate seamlessly into customers existing websites, apps and broadcast environments."
– Lee Hamilton, CTO, Sensasion

How Much is Thumb Navigation Worth?

Two milestone examples of thumb-based navigation from the recent past.

  • Creative Inc.'s iPod Navigation: $100 Million

    In 2007, Apple paid Creative, Inc. $100 Million for the license that enabled users to select songs using their thumbs. Apple press release

  • Rovi Interactive TV Guide: $2.8 Billion

    In 2008, Rovi (then Macrovision) acquired TV Guide Gemstar for $2.8 Billion. NY Times article

“Over-the-top (OTT) pay TV expected to soar to $10B by 2018; Netflix, Hulu just the beginning.”  source 

  • Two Trends in OTT: Pay TV and Growth of Internet Connected Devices

    Pay TV service, as noted above, is expected to grow to $10 Billion by 2018. Global online TV and video revenues are expected to grow to $42 Billion as OTT-ready devices expand globally. 

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  • Revenue from Multiple Sources

    Sensasion earns revenue from Licensing to Advertising Shares

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  • These are the industries and sample players where our patented technology can provide winning differences

    Anywhere that prolonged and engaged video experiences matter. (Download a high-res image)

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"Sensasion  technology integrates easily with partners' production and workflow environments."
– John Connell, Head of Sales

From original USPTO Patent Filing Proof of Concept.

Crucial IP

Download the Grid Matrix Video Navigation patent.

"Like the evolution from VHS and DVD, digital delivery standards determined in the near future will influence media and entertainment decades to come." – Christopher Bailey

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  • Reconnecting Media Molecules

    With a "Periodic Table" of viewing moments, Sensasion's "Intelligent & Relevant" navigation ties the parts back together in a way that makes sense—creating more engaged viewing experiences, and more opportunities for monetization.

The Sensasion Team

10 People Building a New Generation of Media Experience. Including…

  • Christopher Bailey, CEO

    Christopher Bailey has worked in digital media for 20+ years. He has worked with Sony and HBO among others.

  • Marian Sabety, Chairman

    Marian has worked with many early stage startups. Investor at Sand Hill Angels.

  • Lee Hamilton, COO / CTO

    Venture technology, Market and Operations expert.

  • Chuck Ingber / Business Council

    Business start up formation.

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